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WXPI Final Word: The Penguins Start; Has Anyone Checked on Tay Tay??



Dan Kingerski, Pittsburgh Penguins, WPXI Final Word

Five words on the Pittsburgh Penguins start, should Penguins fans have chanted “Fire Canada” and a few football topics, too. Our Dan Kingerski with former NFL GM Doug Whaley and former NFL cornerback Justin King mixed it up on WXPI’s Final Word hosted by Jenna Harner Sunday night and Kingerski even took King to the mat, with a smile, for claiming Christian Veilleux as a Penn State product.

From Evgeni Malkin to Kingerski ripping one topic to shreds, the guys had some fun. Of course, Kingerski mixed a few subtle pop culture references just to see if anyone was paying attention. They were pretty easy this week, we think.

Segment One: The opening salvos and five words on the Penguins start. Holy (bleep), look at Malkin.

Has anyone checked on Tay Tay??

Stuck in the Middle: The “Fire Canada” chant, OK or no bueno? Kingerski didn’t waste time or mince words here. What do you want to see from the Steelers out of the bye week? And Dan chirped King and Penn State, too:

The Final Word: Building culture, college football and the good and bad of the Penguins start. Enjoy: